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When Should You Put Your Kids To Bed


One of my favorite times of day is the last snuggle in bed with each of my boys. With my eldest, I ask him the favorite part of the day, and he often says it's snuggling right then with mommy. One night my youngest (he was 3 at the time) snuggled into me and said, "You and Daddy are the best". Awwww! Knowing that one day they will be teenagers and the last thing they may want is Mommy snuggling in bed, I treasure these moments. I hope you are building these positive moments into your sleep routine at night. I know that's sometimes hard to do when you are stressing about getting baby to bed and praying she doesn't wake up an hour later. I promise it gets better! 

Here's One Big Reason Why Your Baby Isn't Sleeping Of course, it can be tough to remember that it gets better if you're in the midst of a truly tough sleep season. Does your child seem extra-fussy? Is she waking more than usual at night? Have naps completely fallen apart? 

It's possible that you're experiencing what we call a sleep regression. 

Sleep regressions are phases that happen at specific times during a child's development - and during a regression, sleep basically falls apart. Sleep regressions typically happen at the following times: 
* 6 weeks 
* 4 months 
* 8 (or 9 or 10) months 
* 12 months 
* 18 months 
* 2 years 

Fortunately for you, I've spent years advising parents about sleep regressions, and I've condensed my recommendations into a series of blog articles. Here's the page where you can find all the sleep regression articles we have on the site (there's even a sleep regression quiz, to help you determine if what you're going through is a sleep regression, or something else!): Sleep Regression Resource Page

I want to thank you for your participation in The Baby Sleep Site®'s sleepy little village! I hope that these messages, along with the free guide, are helping you solve your child's sleep challenges. But remember, if your baby or toddler is still struggling with sleep, we are here for you! We can provide you with the personalized help you need to make meaningful, permanent changes to your baby or toddler's sleep. Visit our Services page or sign in to the Sleep Helpdesk, where you are just a few clicks away from getting started. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions:
E-mail: contact@babysleepsite.com | Tel: 888.599.1665

Good luck and good sleeping!

Nicole Johnson
The Baby Sleep Site®

What Parents Are Saying: 

"It's no exaggeration to say that The Baby Sleep Site®'s sleep training tips, the Personalized Sleep Plan®, and my consultant's support have CHANGED OUR LIVES (and mine in particular!). I no longer dread the evenings with my 9 month old! Elias is sleeping in his crib for naps, keeping a fairly consistent schedule, and best of all NOT CRYING (or crying very little) when he goes to sleep at night! You have truly been a God-send to our family - thank you so much for giving me my sanity back!" 

-Coleen, OH, United States

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Choosing Books for Young Readers

The Big Red Safety Box is a helpful resource for those families who have a loved one with ASD that tend to wander.  To be eligible to request a box, you must be the legal guardian of the child and provide the necessary information.  If you have previously received a safety box, you may not request another one; however, additional safety boxes can be purchased.  There is a limited supply of free safety boxes currently available nationwide. Click the picture below.

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