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Preschool Services


Like most things, therapies have the best effects when started young. Preschool services are for children ages 3 to 5 years.  If you feel as though your child could benefit from the services below, please contact our office or seek information from your child’s physician, school district, or local health department. Parents are invited to be involved in all therapy sessions and every effort is made to accommodate busy family schedules.

At no cost to you, in conjunction with New York State Department of Education, CDG is approved to provide preschool services to children in Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton, Warren, and Washington counties. These services include:

Special Education.  Some children develop at a slower pace than other children and require additional services, support, and programs that are specialized for their delay.  Special Education provides children with developmental-based learning activities and interactions to help them reach an age appropriate level.

Speech Therapy. Children have a lot to say. Delays in communication can cause frustration and can prevent a child from expressing their wants and needs.Preschoolers can experience a variety of communication delays that require speech therapy.

Occupational Therapy. Children are constantly learning and playing in this age group. Delays in fine motor skills or sensory integration can prevent a child back from manipulating toys, performing in preschool, and carrying out activities of daily living. Preschoolers can experience various delays that require occupational therapy.

Physical Therapy. Children are bundles of energy that love to play, explore, and learn. Sometimes a gross motor or mobility issue can prevent a child from experiencing their environment. Physical therapy promotes restoration that is associated with an injury or disability.

Psychological Services. Children may need help understanding and communicating feelings in an appropriate way. Our school counselors provide play-based techniques to assist the child with appropriate interactions with those in his/her environment.

Multidisciplinary evaluations (MDE). An MDE is the first step in determining your child’s need for further support. This evaluation is at no cost to the family. MDEs are conducted by a team of experts in multiple fields. This gives a broader perspective, to ensure the evaluation is thorough. As a parent/caregiver is a child’s first teacher, we ask that you are a part of the evaluation. No one knows your child better than you.