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School-Age Services

School settings

CDG is available to partner with school districts and parents/caregivers, at their request, to provide school-age services to children and teens in the school or home setting.  These services are extremely valuable, as they teach children and teens how to adapt and integrate new abilities into the school setting.  School-age services are for children and teens- kindergarten through grade 12.

If your child is not eligible for services through your school district or you are interested in extra services on a private basis, please call our office and we will be happy to discuss your child's needs and develop an appropriate program.  We provide the following services:

Speech Therapy. Children and teens can experience a variety of communication delays that require speech therapy.

Occupational Therapy. Children and teens are constantly learning and adapting to their environments. Delays in motor skills can hold a child back from performing well in school. This age group can experience various delays in Occupational Therapy.

Physical Therapy. Sometimes a gross motor or mobility issue can prevent a child or teen from experiencing their environment. Physical therapy promotes restoration that is associated with an injury or disability.

Psychological Services. Children and teens may need help understanding and communicating feelings in an appropriate way. Our school counselors provide techniques to assist the child or teen with appropriate interactions with those in his/her environment.  Additionally, our counselors can provide help with issues your child or teen may be facing, such as a move, divorce, losing friends or a loved one, or bullying.